lifestyle photography

so, just what is lifestyle photography all about


When you look back at your parents albums, you know, the ones they kept of all of us when we were kids. They were those big flip albums, with that clear sticky stuff holding the photos to acetone paper.

All the photos would yellow. They would all smell funny. But did you care? Of course you didn’t. You saw Rainbow Bright and He-Man and remembered that time in your life!

Did you see a photo of you snuggling your mom as a small child, your mom looking at you as you look at your children, but no one is ever there to document it? Did you care that your face was not perfectly lit and perfectly smooth? Do you see a photo of your dad, tickling you on the bed and remember that moment, as now your dad is older, and a Grandfather? That, is how you have to think about lifestyle photography. Real


2 hours of shooting

30 edited images

online digital gallery




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