Hello, my name is Amanda.

profileAs a little girl, I can remember on warm summer evenings in the dessert of southern California, running barefoot on the hot desert ground, with my sister (my best friend, who always will be). I would make wishes for my future hopes of marriage and motherhood.

I am married to my best friend and the mother to three of the most handsome, loving, kind little boy’s. We are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful place like Washington.


About My Style

I love genuine, natural & organic moments that showcase the real beauty of life as it is. I use natural light to create emotion filled images that speak volumes in the simplest of terms.

My clients mean the world to me and throughout the years I have crafted my images like no other ensuring I deliver unforgettable memories that you, your family and your friends can treasure forever. Photography is more than my passion and I strive to create a peaceful atmosphere that focus towards the emotion of intimate moments, the way we all remember them. I’m more than flexible to accommodate your needs! Flexibility is the key word so feel free to share your desires with me and I will do my best to make it happen.

Things I Love